Sailor Moon Eternal Movie Part 1 (2021) Dual Audio English-Japanese (Eng Subs) x264 WEB-DL 480p [279MB] | 720p [617MB] mkv

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IMDB rating:7.1/10

Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes
Category: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: 08/01/2021 (JP)
Director: Naiko Tagucci
Movie stars: Cottono Mitsushi (voice), Stephanie Shay (English version), Kate Higgins (English version)
Language: English-Japanese
Subtitle: English
Quality / Size: WEB-DL 480p [279MB] | 720p [617MB]

Format: MKV
Movie Story: Part 1
Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3, during the solar eclipse, Usaki, Sibiusa, and Mamoru receive a vision of Helias asking for their help from Pegasus, and a stabbing sensation occurs in Mamoru’s chest. The Dead Moon Circus is coming to a prime location and its members are creating a dark barrier around the area where the circus tent is located.

That night, Sibiusa dreams of riding on Helios, gives her a bell, tells her to ring it if she needs it, and tells him that he needs the Golden Crystal to save Elisha. When Sibiosa tries to return to the 30th century with Diana, a dark barrier stops her and warns the Amazon quartet, prompting them to investigate the tiger. The brooches of Usaki and Cibusa have been upgraded, allowing them to be converted into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor CB Moon. The Amazon sailor sent some lemurs to fight the guards, but they quickly destroyed them. Mamoru fell unconscious with pain in his chest, and Pallapalla changes the age of Usaki and Sibiosa from the quartet.

Master Queen Nehelinia orders circus ringleader Zirconia to receive the Silver Crystal to capture the dreams of the Sailor Guardians. Pallaballa traps Amazon Trio members Fish Eye, Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye, Amy, Ray and Makoto, respectively, in the dream of being a guardian at the same time. However, the little girls are able to get rid of them, transform them into their super sailor shapes with their crystals and destroy the Amazon Trio. Helios reveals that Mamoru’s chest pain is caused by Nehelinia’s curse on Elisha, a sacred place inside the earth. This curse turns Elioshan’s priest Helios into a pegasus, imprisoning him in a cage from which he projected a shadow. Maloru Moon hugs him saying she will heal Mamoru, which gives Usaki the same curse of Mamoru.

Unable to change by Minago, Amazonus sends Wesves two screaming twins, Genotype and Geolite, after her. In the next confrontation, Weswess falls for her and sends her to death, but she is saved by Artemis, who is crushed by a boulder in the abyss, but he turns into a man and gives his crystal to Minago, turning her into Super Sailor Venus. Destroy Xenotime and Zeolite. Pallapalla then hooks four sailor guards on the flags. Usaki then falls ill from a black rose inside her, and zirconia brings darkness to the earth with the energy of her accumulated dream.

In the post-credits scene, sailor Saturn, speaking inside Hotter, says the second coming is near.

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